Your Image Treasured Above Gold

Your Image Treasured Above Gold


If a picture truly is worth a thousand words, and I’m inclined to say it does- little will need to be said once your eyes meet your own sexy image. 
Boudoir photos are not limited to the boudoir (bedroom) any longer, nor are they just for the eyes of our paramours. 
Like Samantha Jones on Sex in the City, often there comes a time in your life, after a major weight loss, extensive time in the gym, or just an emotional point when it seems like a good idea to immortalize your image.
With a background in fashion and modeling and fifteen years training as a professional photographer, I approach each face and body uniquely.  We are all beautiful in our own way and I LOVE the opportunity to high-light those special and glorious features of the human form.
Not all boudoir images require nudity, it’s simply a sensual, sexy and sensorial image for you to do with what you please. 
What I recommend prior to shooting? 
*    Hire an experienced make-up artist.  In Dallas I highly recommend Mayra Ramos of and Randee Strand of and Sonia Trevio for hair 972-342-5698.  Hair is not as critical unless you are desiring a “period” look or “pin-up” look.
*    Plan your wardrobe carefully as you will want to look your best and feel your sexiest.  Bring some alcohol if it will loosen you up a bit.  You don’t want to over do it, but it could help you relax in front of the camera. 
*    Bring props if you like.  Riding crops, hats, boas, heels, jewelry, scarves and lots and lots of lingerie. 
*    Some of the sexiest images I’ve done are pregnancy- the luxuriousness of pregnancy should be celebrated. 
There are many amateur photographers flooding the market and let me alert you to some of the pitfalls you might encounter if you do not shoot with a highly respected professional photographer.  Your images could end up in the wrong hands, on the internet or sold.  The unscrupulous amateur will make more money selling your images on line than he will make in what he charges you.
I have fifteen years experience.  I do not publish boudoir on line except when given written permission and even then none of the images are graphic or unlocked.  Further, I will give you the actual photo card from the camera if you so require in order to insure NO ONE sees your images except you.
With social media running rampant, you can NOT trust an amateur with your face or body.


I look so very forward to working with you.  I have many references if you so require.

Hilary LiDestri


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